About the New Zealand Flower Growers Association

The New Zealand Flower Growers Association is the body representing the interests of Flower Growers across New Zealand. It seeks to pull together the many and diverse regional and crop associations to give the Cut Flower industry a single voice on key legislative and strategic issues

Benefits of Membership

  • A comprehensive benefits package from major supplier partners, called 'Benefit Partners' with discounts on products and services. The benefit savings alone more than pay for your membership. Click here to download the Benefit Partners Brochure.
  • A voice to influence government and decision makers on legislation potentially adversely affecting the future of the industry and it's participants.
  • The opportunity to network and learn from others who have been in the industry for some time especially beneficial to new growers.
  • For suppliers there's the opportunity to become a benefit partner to the industry.
  • To help the drive to support New Zealandís export industry and create a better financial future for your business and those that follow on.
  • To be a 'bigger fish' than any one grower can be alone.

To enquire on the costs and details of becoming an NZFGA member contact:

New Zealand Flower Growers Association
Attn Chris Smellie
P O Box 19
Kumeu, 0841
Phone: 09-412 7673
Mobile: 027-247 8431
E-mail: secretary@nzfga.org.nz